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Rotating iPhone Speaker Dock

iPod and/or iPhone speaker docks are a dime-a-dozen, so manufacturers have to scramble to make their own product stand out. Yubz' own attempt at cornering the speakerdock market is with a speaker with a new spin, literally: As it belts out your playlist, this nifty speaker spins your Apple-branded gadget round and round.

The Rotating Speaker is, for lack of a better term, a donut-shaped device with a standard i-Apple gadget docking port in the inner part of the wheel. Once you've plugged in your handheld music machine, the inner rim slowly rotates, giving you a unique visual to complement your listening experience.

While entertaining in its own right, the rotational movement may not make this the best device for watching videos. Still, it makes for an interesting conversation piece at the very least, and putting a bit of spin on your music visualizations may make for a more psychedelic experience.

[source: Yubz via Chip Chick]