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Next WP7 Update May Bring Copy/Paste

Word has it that the first update for Windows Phone 7 will be "massive," and may even include some of the features new users complained about long before the phones arrived on the scene: copy/paste and multitasking support.

The latest rumors are based on various Twitter entries by Chris Walshie, one of the individuals behind the first Windows Phone 7 jailbreaking tool, ChevronWP7. According to Walshie, the first update will be "massive" although he doesn't specify a particular source. He also indicated that Microsoft began to work on the update long before Windows Phone 7 actually shipped. Again, no source was specified.

As for features? "Let's just say, they could have called it Windows Phone 8," he said, adding that it took Microsoft three months to do what Apple did in three years.

Was he hinting to copy/paste and multitasking? As SlashGear points out, Walshie may be biased, rooting for new features in the upcoming update like an iOS developer would be pre-inclined to anticipate possible features in a new software release.

The first update for Windows Phone 7 is rumored to launch in January 2011 and will reportedly bring a batch of new features including turn-by-turn directions in Bing Maps and support for custom ringtones. Microsoft senior vice president of mobile communications Andy Lees previously said that copy/paste would arrive early next year although it's unclear whether it will actually be included in the projected January firmware update.

Naturally, until Microsoft steps up and confirms actual features going into the WP7 update, everything is mere speculation and rumor... and highly probable.