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Widescreen Notebooks: More Than Just Expensive DVD Players?

Integrated Security Concept

A smart card reader protects the system from unauthorized access

To protect the system from unauthorized access, Acer equips this model with a smart card reader. The system comes with two chip-cards and security software program PlatinumSecret. Once the cards and software are properly configured, the system can only be accessed when the card is in the device.

Insufficient Display Torsion-Resistance

The display lid looks table, but is not torsion-resistant enough. Even just opening and closing the display lid with your hand creates tension that causes noticeable disruption. Here is a short video demonstrating this effect.

The display allows for highly nuanced brightness adjustment. However, with maximum brightness of only 134 cd/m² and the differences in levels being scarcely noticeable to the naked eye, less would definitely be more here. Nobody actually needs 16 different levels of brightness. Compared with competitors, the display is too dark and colors look a little pale in the default setting. Working outside with the device is not possible. The screen's 490:1 black/white contrast is very good.

Driver error? An annoying white line appears at the bottom edge of the display whenever you start a 3D graphics application.

Good enough to game with: ATI X700 graphics card with 128 MB video memory.

In an obvious effort to save electricity and keep waste heat down to reasonable levels, Acer decided to clock the Mobility Radeon X700 at only 375 MHz, about 25 MHz lower than provided for in the specification. Video memory also runs at "only" around 600 MHz (DDR). This in turn amounts to 100 MHz (DDR) lower clock speed than would otherwise be possible. Even still, the performance is easily sufficient for fluid playing with the broad majority of current games at acceptable quality settings.