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Widescreen Notebooks: More Than Just Expensive DVD Players?


Gateway puts a Conexant AMC audio chip in the M460XLb. The current driver version does not offer any option for setting treble and bass. Two stereo speakers on the front provide sound output along with a mini-subwoofer on the bottom. This gives the machine really rich sound quality in comparison to its competitors' mobile PCs. Equalizer software would give the M460 sound even more punch.


The module bay on the left side of the device can hold either a multi-format burner or an additional battery. Both of these are included in the package with the M460XLb.

The extra battery fitting into the module bay has a capacity of 39Wh.

Playing games or DVD videos is not possible when both the primary and secondary batteries are used in tandem, as the DVD drive is no longer available in such a case.

First-come, first-served: the M460XLb's battery charging principle.

Interestingly, the battery first connected with the device is the one to be charged first. Thus for the primary battery to be charged first, you have to make sure that it is inserted into the laptop before the secondary one. And intelligent charging system that distinguishes automatically between primary and secondary battery and charges the primary battery first would have been nice.