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Mad Hatter? New Cap Holds iPhone in Bill

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland has always held a place in the imagination as a wacky and fascinating character. Add technological capabilities to the everyday hat and, viola, you can be that guy. One such example is the HattrickWear baseball cap. This chapeau lets you store your smartphone in the bill to be used as an augmented reality interface. Take that Dormouse.

The HattrickWear isn't the first bizarre headwear to hit the market. There's the "smart hat" that tracks brain waves to see if you're getting tired, or a LCD hat that can play videos on your forehead. However, Acer's "Selfie Hat", which let people hang their tablet off their hat in order to take the perfect selfie, nearly takes the cake.

But the HattrickWear cap isn't giving up that easily. Owners can view their phone via a removable crystal mirror that shows the entire screen. A mirror prism can also be attached to the top, near the camera lens. This allows the wearer to film around them while wearing this lid.

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The user controls the phone via a remote, though Mizan does not list if the remote uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IR blaster or some other technology to connect. According to Mizan, the HattrickWear has multiple functions, including managing security, sports apps, live streaming, handling business and "advertising eye candies". The hat is compatible with the iPhone 5/5c/6, HTC One, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Mini, LG G2, and Sony Xperia Zts.

Currently, Mizan is trying to raise $300 on Kickstarter for the HattrickWear, which seems a ridiculously small amount. The first 100 backers can get a HattrickWear with one mirror prism for $99, or a HattrickWear with two mirror prisms for $149. Backers can also personalize the hat for $199. Mizan also offered backers options an opportunity to become a "consultant" on HattrickWear, and "have your say in (HattrickWear)'s future." Mizan plans on delivering the Hattrickwear by April 2015.

We're all for seeing people innovate and create new products that will interest the public. However, the HattrickWear is an extremely bizarre device. The storage seems peculiar and dangerous for the device, the prism-based viewing system seems limited and wonky, and the fact that the creator has stated that the remote will have limited capabilities says a lot about the future of the device. On top of all these technical problems, the hat looks like a crossover between a DIY Oculus Rift and a hat that should sport the word "SWAG" on the front. We say, off with his head.

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