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Use and Don't Lose Your Cell Phone Data

Siemens Mobile Phone Manager (Siemens S65)

Siemens' worked hard to build its mobile phone branch, which has now been sold to BenQ. We are not sure what consequences this might have with regard to the product line and the updating of their phone management software. A few phone models like the S65 and the S75 sold very well, and the owners of those phones surely want to keep using them. We picked an S65, which offers 11 MB internal memory. It comes with an additional RS-MMC slot (multi media card).

For each phone model, Siemens provides its own software version. First, we checked the S65's rather simple version 3.04.40. After we learned that the software of the newest models was downwards compatible, we installed the current Mobile Phone Manager package (v4.05.51), which is available for download from the Siemens website. This package worked better with Bluetooth.

We used the Wildcomm drivers to support Siemens S65 synchronization. As with the Windows Bluetooth stack, add a new device...

... and pair it with the computer after entering a password via the cell phone.

The Wildcomm drivers offer a broad variety of configuration settings. It is important that the required services are activated.

Like most of the other software packages, the Siemens software integrates itself into Windows Explorer. That way, you can manually organize your phone data. As you can see, Siemens displays the phone memory and multi media card directory separately.

Here, the Siemens S65 is integrated into Windows Explorer.