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The Supersonic Stick on a Wrist for the Blind

Technology has come a long way towards integrating vision-impaired individuals with the rest of the world. Yet, despite these advances, a blind man still has to rely on stone age technology to get around town: the humble walking stick. True, there is serious research in cybernetic enhancements to restore vision, but it's decades away from, er, seeing the light of day. If only the legendary powers of human echolocation were true.

That's exactly what designer Minhye Kim wants to do. His "Supersonic Stick on a Wrist for Blind People" may look like a classy web-shooter, but it provides an entirely different super-power. It sends out ultrasonic pulses to detect any incoming obstacles. It then provides feedback via beeps and vibrations. Plus, did I mention it looks like a web shooter? Now if only Mr. Kim can come up with a shorter name, like the Daredevil 3000, or Bat-cane.

[source yankodesign]