Sony Ericsson Targets Women With New Phone

Available in selected markets from Q4, we're not sure who thought designing a phone that looked vaguely like a jewel was a good idea because the result is, well, see for yourself.

Designed to keep you entertained and looking fabulous, Sony Ericsson's new fashion mobile phone boasts a 2-inch screen that, at the touch of a button, doubles as a mirror, a Walk Mate step counter, to help you stay in shape wherever you go and an "exclusive fashion interface" which automatically updates with zodiac signs and special events throughout the year.

As an afterthought, Sony has added some specs to the tail-end of the press release and, as far as phones go, the Jalou is actually quite decent despite its desperate attempt to appeal to "anyone who is sociable, loves fashion and wants to stay one step ahead of trends." You're looking at the aforementioned 2-inch display, (240 x 320 pixels QVGA), 100 MB of memory with MicroSD support, a 3.2 mp camera with 3.2x digital zoom and video capabilities, Bluetooth, 3G, FM Radio and a YouTube application.

No word on price yet but the Jalou will be available in deep amethyst, aquamarine blue and onyx black.