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Samsung Confirms Nvidia Tegra Phone Coming

The Nvidia Tegra is a powerful piece of hardware when put into small spaces. At this year's Computex in Taiwan, we saw a number of Tegra-powered netbooks, which were decent mobile internet devices, but nothing that hadn't been accomplished before using Intel chips.

In smaller, even more portable devices is where the Tegra will be most impressive. We already know that the Microsoft Zune HD will be using the Tegra, and now the latest whispers say that Samsung is working on a cell phone using the Nvidia chip.

LaptopMag confirmed with a Samsung representative that a cell phone is on the way powered by Nvidia Tegra. Besides confirmation of such a product in development, there's no word yet of pricing or release date. Samsung also makes phones for both GSM and CDMA markets, so it could be open to any mobile carrier.

Nvidia did say in an interview last month with CrunchGear that it a Tegra phone would be hitting either AT&T or T-Mobile (meaning a GSM phone) sometime in Q4 this year at $199.

The Tegra stands a strong chance in the smartphone and PMP market as long as devices ship before the next generation of iPhone and Palm Pre.