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Here's How To Get Your Hands on Samsung's Bixby Voice Assistant

Remember that extra button on the side of the Galaxy S8? It was supposed to be one of the main ways to talk to Bixby, Samsung’s new(ish) digital assistant. The problem is that up until now, Bixby Voice still isn’t available in the US. However, that could be changing soon, as Samsung's taking sign-ups for people who want to help test out the voice-control features.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

Starting today (June 16), Galaxy S8 owners can sign up here to participate in an upcoming preview for Bixby’s Voice. After clicking the link, all you need to do is enter the email for your Samsung account and click the check boxes affirming that you accept Samsung’s terms and conditions and acknowledging that you do in fact own a Galaxy S8.

There's no set date as of yet for when the Bixby Voice preview will take place. When it launches, users can expect features such as the ability to navigate through your phone, change settings and even perform multi-step tasks like texting a photo to a friend using only your voice. The idea is that Bixby's voice-control capabilities are there to take over for tasks where it makes more sense to talk than type or tap.

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Bixby Voice was one of the biggest Galaxy S8 features Samsung touted prior to that phone's launch, but it was shelved, reportedly because the digital assistant's voice features weren't ready for prime time, at least in this country. In South Korea, Bixby Voice has already been available for months, so we're hoping to finally get a sense of Bixby's full capabilities.