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Get a OnePlus 6T for Free: Here’s How

The OnePlus 6T boasts premium features at an affordable price. And that price becomes even more compelling when you end up not having to pay it at all.

That's what T-Mobile is essentially offering, courtesy of an ongoing deal that remains in effect during Cyber Monday sales. Buy a new OnePlus 6T at the Uncarrier, opening a new line of service, and trade in an eligible device. T-Mobile will give you $580 in bill credits over 24 months. And $580 just happens to be the cost of the OnePlus 6T model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage that T-Mobile is selling.

There are some caveats to that deal. First, you'll need to buy the device to get the bill credits. That new line of service has to be in additional to another line. And that trade-in needs to be in good condition to qualify for the full credit.

OnePlus 6TView Deal

The good news is that T-Mobile accepts a wide range of devices for this offer. Eligible phones include any Galaxy s6 or later up to the Galaxy S8 Active, a Galaxy Note 5 or Note 8, any original Pixel or Pixel 2, the LG V20, V30, and V30+ or LG's G6 or G7, the Moto Z2 Force or Z2 Play, and any OnePlus 5 or later.

If you don't mind an older OnePlus phone — "older" being relative in this case, since the OnePlus 6 came out earlier this year — OnePlus continues to sell its OnePlus 6 phone at a $100 discount.