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Nokia Preps iPhone Rival N96

Hamburg (Germany) - A German website has caught Nokia accidentally posting the specifications of the N96 phone, which apparently will be less bulky than the current N95, but much more capable.

According to Spiegel Online, Nokia apparently posted the specifications of the device briefly on Friday, before removing the pages again. While an official picture of the device did not surface, the specifications indicate that the form factor of the phone will move towards the iPhone.

Compared to the N95, the volume of the N96 will slightly decrease from 96 cm3 to 92 cm3. The length will increase from 99 to 103 mm (iPhone: 115 mm), the width will increase from 53 to 55 mm (iPhone: 61 mm) and the depth will decrease from 21 to 18 mm (iPhone: 12 mm). Nokia’s new flagship phone will offer 16 GB of flash memory (up from 8 GB), which can be extended to up to 48 GB using the new generation of SDHC memory cards.

The website reported that the battery of the N96 will support a talk time of up to 220 minutes, down from 390 minutes of the N95.

There are no official pictures of the N96 yet, but images that are widely believe to actually show the N96 were posted on Mobile Review in December.