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Light Phone Lets You Leave Your Smartphone at Home

Sometimes you just want to disconnect from the world, but your smartphone makes it hard to do so. A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to make that easier with the Light Phone, a slim and glowing analog phone that's no bigger than a credit card with only the most basic calling features.

Here's how it works: the Light Phone only receives and makes calls. You install its companion app on your smartphone, and it forwards all your calls to the Light Phone so you never miss them. It also has its own SIM card and 500 minutes of prepaid talk time, so you're ready to go as soon as you unbox it. 

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The Kickstarter campaign suggests using the Light Phone as a backup device, but it could be appealing for those who just want a slim and simple phone for calls and nothing more.

Its design is enticing as well. Weighing just over 1.34 ounces, the Light Phone is the size of a credit card with a glowing keypad and clock at the top of the device. Its simplicity could make it a hit with the elderly, or even children who are begging their parents for their first personal phone. The phone's maker claims the device can get up to 20 days of battery life, which makes it easy to take the phone on an unplugged trip or vacation.

The only issue is the price -- the Light Phone currently sells for $100 on its Kickstarter campaign, which is pretty steep for a phone that can only make calls. You can learn more about the Light Phone on its Kickstarter page.

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