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Leef iBridge Offers Big Storage in Tiny Package

LAS VEGAS — Expanding storage in a mobile device almost always leads to bulky cases or ugly hard drives dangling off the end of the phone. Leef offers an alternative with the Leef iBridge, a Lightning-capable USB 3.0 dongle that doesn't dangle. Instead, the iBridge, which is both storage expansion for iOS devices and USB storage for computers, curves up to sit on the back of the phone.

Naturally, the iBridge changes the shape of the phone, and adds something that could catch on a pocket when shoved into pants or a purse, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the accessory fit neatly on my iPhone 6 — even when my phone was wearing a thick wallet case.

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The Leef iBridge packs a whole lot of storage space into its small dongle, with five available sized ranging from a decent 16GB to a whopping 256GB. The latter is twice the amount of storage available in any iPhone currently.

Unfortunately, big storage also means a big price tag. The 16GB iBridge will retail for $60, the 32GB for $80, 64GB for $120, 128GB for $200, and the 256GB version will run $400, which is the same price as a 128GB on contract.

If you're willing to pay for big storage in a slim package, however, the Leef iBridge is available now on Leef's website as well as Amazon, and will ship staring in mid-January.

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