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Samsung Shows Off Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

If your phone isn’t currently fit to summon an Avenger, Samsung may be looking to change that. The South Korean electronics company just released a video unboxing the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition, which overlays Samsung’s new smartphone with a red-and-gold skin, a flashy software theme and enough Marvel content to satisfy even Tony Stark’s ego.

The video comes courtesy of Samsung Mobile’s YouTube page, and displays everything that comes with the device. Wannabe superheroes will receive a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge phone in shiny red and gold, complete with the Golden Avenger’s face plastered on the back. The other big highlight is a wireless charging pad that looks like Iron Man’s miniature arc reactor/chestplate from the films.

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Beyond that, everything in the box is pretty standard Galaxy S6 Edge gear. There’s a charger, a set of passable earbuds, and a clear back plate to show off your unusual phone while protecting it from a fall or two.

Before you get too excited about the new phone, keep in mind that it’s basically just a Galaxy S6 Edge (with 64 GB internal memory) with a few Avengers bells and whistles. Additionally, unless you live in South Korea or Hong Kong, you may not get a chance to buy one at all. Samsung has yet to announce the device for any Western markets.

If you can’t get your hands on an Iron Man phone, perhaps it’s just as well. Caught up in the Age of Ultron hype, it might seem like a very cool thing, but most phones last for at least two years. Unless you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Iron Man fan, there’s a good chance that staring at old Shellhead’s face every time you pull your phone out will get old before then.

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