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Latest Galaxy S8 Leak Reveals Big Changes

Samsung's Galaxy S8 continues to take shape, and now, a leak confirms some of the things we've heard over the last few months.

A tempered glass screen protector has been leaked online that reportedly fits to the Galaxy S8. While the screen protector doesn't come from Samsung, it hints at some features that could be coming to the handset.

Credit: BGR

(Image credit: BGR)

According to BGR, which obtained the screen protector images, the protector suggests that the handset will come with a curved screen and two edges on the left and right that spill over the sides, creating an edge-to-edge face design. In addition, the screen protector shows no space for a physical home button at the bottom of the device, following rumors that Samsung is planning to remove a physical home button in favor of one that would sit beneath the glass.

In addition, the screen protector covers the area above the display and has holes for a camera, ambient light sensor, and earpiece. However, the report images show another opening for an unidentified feature. The folks over at BGR suggest it might be there to accommodate a biometric iris scanner, which Samsung offered in the Galaxy Note 7 before discontinuing that handset.

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The screen protector lends weight to several Galaxy S8 rumors we've been hearing, including an eliminated home button and big, edge-to-edge designs. However, Samsung itself hasn't confirmed its future plans and it's impossible to verify the screen protector's legitimacy, so at this point, the leak should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt.

Over the last few weeks, another Galaxy S8 case cropped up that apparently hints at what the flagship smartphone might offer. And they're all consistent with the rumored features.

Ultimately, we'll find out soon what Samsung has planned for the Galaxy S8, which could be unveiled in March and should hit store shelves in April.