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Latest Galaxy S8 Render Reveals Big Clue About Camera

Another day, another possible Galaxy S8 leak hinting at a new feature. In this case, the renders attributed to mobile accessories site MobileFun suggest that the next Galaxy phone could have a dual-rear camera and an extra button on the side.


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The renders, which popped up today on sites such as Sammobile and GSM Arena, show a case with a significant gap carved out where the camera would be. The gap looks wide enough to accommodate a dual rear camera, one of the features rumored to be included in the Galaxy S8 when that phone ships later this spring.

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Adding a dual-lens camera to the Galaxy S8 might make some sense. Apple included the feature in the iPhone 7 Plus last fall, and LG features dual lenses on both its G5 and V20 smartphones. Dual-lens cameras are even finding their way on to less expensive phones, like Huawei's recently released Honor 6X.

The cameras on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge won rave reviews for its faster autofocus and ability to capture images in low-light so improving the camera even further on the S8 would help Samsung stave off competition from other camera phone makers.

Beyond that, MobileFun's 3D render, which has not been verified, suggests Samsung won't move the power button on the Galaxy S8. There is a fourth button, which some sites speculate could be a dedicated button for activating Bixby, the digital assistant Samsung reportedly plans to incorporate into the Galaxy S8.


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One other tidbit: one of MobileFun's 3D renders shows a space large enough for USB Type-C. And unlike the iPhone 7, the Galaxy S8 has a port for a headphone.

The Galaxy S8 will reportedly launch in April. Until then, expect many more rumors and leaks to surface.

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