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Tough Galaxy S8 Active Reportedly in the Works

There has been some debate over what Samsung has planned for a possible "active" version of its Galaxy S8. Now, it appears that a more durable version of the phone is indeed on the way.

The Galaxy S8 Active should have smaller bezels than the S7 while still being durable. Credit: AT&T

(Image credit: The Galaxy S8 Active should have smaller bezels than the S7 while still being durable. Credit: AT&T)

Samsung is working on a new Galaxy S8 Active model currently codenamed Cruiser, Samsung-tracking site SamMobile is reporting, citing sources who claim to have knowledge of the company's plans. While it's unclear why Samsung is calling the handset Cruiser internally, SamMobile argues it might have something to do with its size and a possible big battery.

Samsung has in recent years offered up Active versions of its flagship handsets. In most cases, those devices come with bigger batteries than the original models and deliver more rugged features. For instance, the S7 Active comes with a shatter-resistant screen along with IP68 water resistance.

In addition, the S7 Active boasts a 4,000 mAh battery. Compare that to the 3,000 mAh battery in the Galaxy S8 and 3,500 mAh battery in the S8+.

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However, there was some speculation that Samsung might ditch plans for a Galaxy S8 Active this year due to the design tweaks the company has made. Specifically, the Galaxy S8's nearly bezel-less design and big, curved screen, might make it a bit harder to ruggedize and safeguard the handset. There are also questions of whether Samsung would really be able to add a bigger battery to the Active model.

According to SamMobile, details on the device are currently a bit hard to come by. The sources didn't know, for instance, exactly what the device might look like and whether it'll come with an Active key like its predecessors did.

That said, the sources did say that the Galaxy S8 Active will likely be an AT&T exclusive when it's released this year. It's not known how much the handset will cost and when it might reach store shelves, but Samsung has in the past released new Active smartphones in June. It's possible the company could do the same with the Galaxy S8 Active, though it's worth noting that Samsung is offering this year's flagship a bit later than those in the past and might want to wait a bit longer on the Active.

Look for more on the Active in the coming weeks.