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The Samsung Galaxy S10 May Come with a Flat Display

According to Android Pure, Samsung may be readying a flat display variant for the Galaxy S10 as opposed to its signature Edge display with curved sides that debuted with the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Credit: @venyageskini

(Image credit: @venyageskini)

The flat phone, according to the rumor, will be the 5.8-inch model unit out of the three S10 phones that Samsung is readying to compete with the iPhone iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The site claims that the model number is SM-G970 and the display will have a 18.5:9 screen ratio in a bezel-less body.

The other two models will reprtedly be the SM-G973 — with a 5.8 edge display — and the SM-G975 — with a 6.4–inch edge display.

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The Edge display’s side curves have not been very popular among fans of the Galaxy, despite the phone’s success. Called gimmicky by some, the phone’s curves don’t seem to have a clear purpose but appear cool. In fact, many find them extremely distracting while interacting with the phone and watching video content (myself included).

The leaked early build of the Samsung Experience 10 interface, however, seems to be tailored to the curved Edge display in a weird way. It uses a curved corner card design that wraps around the display edges. We'll have to see how this UI is adapted to a potentially flat phone.

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  • mrmessma
    Yes, please. As an owner of an S8, a curved screen can only use a tempered glass screen protector when applied with LOCA glue. This isn't impossible, but it's more of a job than a similar flat tempered glass protector. The curved edge adds nothing to the experience, only adding distortion to images/text at the fringes of the screen.