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Fasna: Magnetic Headphones With a Zipper

Fasna headphones, designed by Hirotaka Matsui, feature a truly creative design with a zipper and magnets. A zipper separating or connecting the two head pieces is combined with small magnets inside each earbud that allow them to snap together and held in place.

In addition to effectively keeping you safe from tangled wires and annoying knots, the Fasna's zipper also adds a stylistic flare to your headphones that is sure to catch the attention of many.

Another great thing about the Fasna concept is the fact that magnets in the earbuds have been proven to show no loss in audio clarity. The zipper also adds another level of durability to these headphones that would allow owners to carry them around anywhere without having to worry about damaged wires.

If Matsui's concept comes into fruition perhaps the black and golden color scheme will become as popular as the infamously simple white ipod headphones seen around the necks of millions around the world.