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7 Smart Ways to Dump Your E-Junk

eBay’s Rethink Initiative

Much like Share Technology, eBay’s Rethink Initiative offers a comprehensive list of solutions for safely eliminating e-waste in your home. And although it does have an ulterior motive – it offers you the opportunity to use eBay to sell your tech – the Rethink Initiative does let you decide where your goods will do the most good.

Unlike Share Technology, which only offers you the possibility of donating e-waste to schools and individuals, eBay’s Rethink Initiative comes up with myriad ways for removing e-waste from your home. If you want to sell your tech, the initiative allows you to use eBay itself to do that. Check this page for estimates of what your phone might sell for.

If you plan on donating your equipment, the Rethink page gives you a handful of organizations that would be worthy of your donation. If you simply want to recycle your e-waste, it even gives you some options on that front and asks that you donate to organizations like Earth 911 or the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.

In essence, eBay’s Rethink Initiative does what it can to make you aware of all the opportunities available to you. If you decide you’d like to stay within eBay throughout the entire process and you’d rather not sell your tech, the company’s Giving Works project allows you to sell an item on eBay and donate some or all of the profit to the nonprofit organization of your choice.

  • AT&T also sponsors a program called Cell Phones for Soldiers, where you can donate used cell phones to be recycled and help pay for prepaid calling cards for our soldiers to call home.
  • randomizer
    Why isn't my Nokia 3210 in the list on ebay? It's not that old is it? :(
  • Fadamor
    For those of you that can't figure out what to do with the old stuff, Best Buy in the U.S.A. will accept electronic junk at no charge and ship it to dedicated electronics recyclers. This is not a donation - no charitable tax receipts can be given - but Best Buy can make sure that toasted monitor (hazardous waste) in your basement does not end up in a landfill before it has been properly recycled. Contact a manager at your nearest Best Buy for more details on their recycling program if this sounds like something you could use.
  • Free Geek isn't just for people in Oregon. People have started Free Geek branches in cities all over North America. I volunteer at Free Geek Vancouver, and we're just as happy to recycle your old junk as the one in Portland.