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Here's the One iPhone Setting Everyone Should Change

The iPhone lock screen is so good at showing you all the notifications you've received and messages you've missed, but in fact, it's too good. Specifically, its default settings show off the contents of any text message you've received to anyone who walks by.

But what if a loved one sends you a personal message that should be kept private, but you stepped away from your phone, leaving it open for anyone to see? For example, one day, when I was having lunch at a bar, with my iPhone out on the counter, my iPhone received an iMessage containing a photo meant for my eyes only.

Thankfully, I had disabled the automatic message preview, and that image wasn't shown to guy sitting next to me. Sure, you could spend your life with your iPhone in your hand at all times, but what about when you take a shower, or go to bed?

Here's how to disable text message previews in iMessage.

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap Notifications.

3. Tap Messages.

4. Tap Show Previews.

5. Select When Unlocked.

You've disabled Message previews on your iPhone, congrats on making your messages more private!