Half of All Active Phones are Broken (Study)

Most of us have felt the anguish that goes with breaking your smartphone. Toilets, children, sidewalks, keys and microwaves are all your enemies. And then you're stuck with the agonizing decision of whether to live with the cracks and quirks or pay to get a new phone. So I guess it shouldn't be surprising that nearly half of us make do with a broken phone.

Zagg, the mobile device accessories maker behind the popular Invisible Shielf screen protector, commissioned a study that found that 48-percent of cellphone users and 27-percent of tablet users are living with a damaged device. To be fair, a screen protector manufacturer has a vested interest in these results. But I do believe them when they say 85 percent of smartphone users worry about breaking their screen. However, that's not their biggest worry, which is it getting lost or stolen.

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With a little digging into the study's details, I discovered most of that damage is actually superficial scratches found on the body or screen. Smashed glass or broken phone bodies accounted for just 8-percent of damage phones and 10-percent of tablets. Perhaps the least surprising, 16-percent of tablets wrecked by kids. Nearly 40 of damages are caused by a phone falling on the ground.

What is surprising is that half of people pay out to fix their phone. The average cost for such repairs? $144. That's just a tad more than if you wrapped it up in a durable case. Sure, you'll lose some of the prettiness of the design, but you'll likely save yourself some despair in the process. 

Zagg's study was performed through a 7-minute online survey that garnered 768 responses from Americans aged 18 and older that currently use a smartphone or a tablet.