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VIDEO: Verizon's First iPhone Commerical

The Verizon iPhone has been a long time coming. While customers were waiting patiently, refusing to go over to the dark side, AT&T was airing ‘There’s an App for That!’ commercials and having a grand old time with its exclusive rights to the iPhone. Now it’s Verizon’s turn.

In what we’re sure will be the first of many Verizon iPhone commercials, Big Red has finally released the clip below in an effort to drum up interest for the phone’s February 10 launch. We doubt there’s any lack of interest (this is probably the most excited people have ever been about the relaunch of a product that will likely be out of date in just a few months) but a few ticking clocks couldn’t do any harm, right? Unless, of course, the phone you’re trying to promote has been in the news because of its glitchy alarm clock app. That could be a little bit harmful...