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Rumor: T-Mobile USA Getting iPhone in 2010

An unnamed, "highly placed" source claims that T-Mobile USA will get Apple's iPhone in Q3 2010. In the typical covert, secret informant fashion, the source remains anonymous because he/she/it works at T-Mobile and is not authorized to spill company secrets. Nevertheless, talks between T-Mobile and Apple are supposedly in an advanced stage, with the possibility of a relationship floating around 80-percent.

Despite the rumors about Verizon getting the iPhone, this T-Mobile deal seems more likely. After all, it's somewhat pointless for Verizon to dump loads of cash into DROID licensing and then turn around and kiss up to Apple. The company has even publicly attacked the Apple device in its DROID campaigns, with its latest stint poking fun at the iPhone 4.

Of course, Verizon already stated in June that it had no immediate plans to bring the iPhone into its library of devices, yet we still hear chatter about the possibility anyway. Ultimately, Verizon's relationship with Google and its commitment to Android should clearly indicate where the company stands in regards to the rumored iPhone support.

Also, a marriage with T-Mobile is also more likely because it's a GSM network (as is AT&T). This would be much easier on Apple than reworking the iPhone's hardware to incorporate CDMA technology for Verizon's CDMA network (even though reports indicate that Apple is working with Qualcomm on a CDMA chip). Currently T-Mobile users are already using unlocked iPhones on the network anyway.

On a whole, there are many positives and negatives to the iPhone heading to both T-Mobile and Verizon. The latter of the two seems less likely, but it's still possible nonetheless. Naturally, T-mobile refused to respond on the possibility, saying that it doesn't comment on rumors. Apple also didn't supply a response.