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Samsung Launches Competition for Galaxy Only Apps

Proceeding Apple's latest milestone of 50 billion app downloads for their iOS devices, Samsung has decided to expand their own variety of phone specific apps. They have announced a worldwide competition titled "Smart App Challenge 2013" that is reaching out to developers everywhere to design exclusive apps that incorporate Google Play's interactivity and sharing functions. 

Conditions include having to use Samsung's own Java-based API called Chord SDK, which then entitles the first and second place contestants to receive $200,000 and $100,000, respectively. The remaining top six winners then get $50,000 apiece. Judging criteria includes originality, design, functionality and, of course, commercial appeal, requiring the app to be available for free (in-app purchases allowed).

Samsung has been taking steps in recent months to ensure that they stand out from other Android phone manufacturers, as all the companies, despite large discrepancies in hardware, have access to the same software. One of the iPhone's largest attractions was the sheer number and variety of unique apps that the device has access to, which Samsung is now trying to do by creating apps limited to Galaxy consumers.