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Samsung Making Phone with Nvidia's Tegra?

A spokesperson from Samsung confirmed with LaptopMag earlier today that the company is indeed one of the five manufacturers who are developing a device powered by Nvidia's Tegra processor (which is planned for the upcoming Zune HD). Nvidia's Tegra is capable of playing high definition content (720p), and supposedly will play console-quality games with intense graphics.

While Samsung did not specify the type of device currently in development, it's speculated that it will be a handset for AT&T or T-Mobile, and retail for $200 when it becomes available in Q4 2009, as mentioned in an interview with Nvidia.

Earlier today news surrounding Nvidia's Tegra-powered Firefly netbook surfaced, reporting that the device is scheduled to hit retail shelves this September. The netbook supposedly uses Windows CE, and also has Flash Lite, Acrobat Reader, and many other applications pre-installed.

Microsoft's upcoming Zune HD portable media player will also incorporate Nvidia's Tegra processor. The device is scheduled to hit the market this September.