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Windows Phone 7 to Get NFC Support Too

We’ve all heard the rumors about the possibility that Apple’s NFC efforts might involve a loyalty system and tapping into information it already has on file from customers using iTunes. We’ve also been hearing quite a bit about Google’s supposed plans to launch NFC trials in several cities before the end of the year. Not to be left behind by the competition, insiders say that a future Windows Phone 7 update will bring NFC support to Microsoft handsets. Bloomberg cites two people familiar with the matter who say future versions of Windows Phone 7 will have support for a Near Field Communication mobile-payments system baked in.

Though there was no talk of loyalty points or coupons, there’s no reason why NFC technology couldn’t be used to allow shoppers to redeem coupons or log loyalty points. No doubt that’s part of the reason why so many of the rumors surrounding Apple, Google and now Microsoft’s plans include murmurings of rewards programs and special, location-specific deals.

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