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HTC 1 Promises a Minimalist ''Premium'' Product

The "HTC 1" concept phone features a blocky yet slim design, drawing inspiration primarily from metallic objects. The machined brass with a silver finish will surely cost more to produce, but that's exactly what you should expect from a high-end phone.

From appearances all control buttons are touch-sensitive or flush with the casing, creating a very minimalist profile. Andrew also redesigned HTC's Sense UI, calling his simplified version the "Mono". A small camera hole dominates the upper part of the phone, while a red button reminiscent of HAL is the centerpiece of the area below the display.

The lower part of the 1 swivels out to create a stand, allowing the user to prop up the phone and even use it as an alarm clock. Kim claims that his concept phone's one frame construction is very durable. Whether or not the HTC 1 becomes reality of course depends on the Taiwanese manufacturer—and if Kim is actually serious about pushing his design.