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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Listed for $289 at Costco

The mystery of when the Galaxy Nexus will launch and how much it will cost continues, but lucky for us, there are plenty of leaks to hold our attention until an official announcement is made. Late last week we saw internal Verizon marketing documents that suggested the device would launch around Thanksgiving/Black Friday. Today, we learn a little something about pricing for the device.

According to Android Central, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has shown up in Costco's inventory. The site received a photograph from an anonymous tipster showing a Verizon Wireless version of the Galaxy Nexus in the chain's store inventory. Though it didn't mention anything about a release date, the compute does list the price for the phone at $289. Considering the mention of Verizon Wireless, we're going to assume that price includes some sort of contract with Big Red. If that turns out to be the case, it looks like the Galaxy Nexus is going to be a pricey piece of equipment.

Of course, it's not official yet, so there's still hope the price listed is a provisional estimate on Costco's part. Fingers crossed!