AT&T Confirms the iPhone 4G, Arriving June

BGR reports that AT&T has confirmed to employees that the phone will launch in June. This is a step away from Apple's usual practice of announcing a device in June but telling customers they'd have to wait a few weeks until they could purchase the phone in early- to mid-July. This year the phone will go on sale in June, and according to BGR's sources, it won't even be late in June.

With an announcement set for the week of June 7, at WWDC, some are speculating that Apple could announce the iPhone along with same-day availability. Even if this is not the case, a June release may have something to do with the lost/stolen iPhone 4G that Gizmodo obtained back in April. The period between the iPhone announcement and actual launch is probably an important one for Apple, because all the press attention whips potential customers into a buying frenzy. However, it's possible Apple decided to go ahead with an earlier launch because the secrecy of this year's iPhone has all but been destroyed.