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Tom's Guide Is Giving Away a Galaxy S8!

The Tom’s Guide Community Team is proud to announce a summer giveaway for the Samsung Galaxy S8! This is our way of saying thanks to you, the proud members of our growing Tom’s Guide Community.

With a huge range of members of all levels of expertise, we are the vanguard of tech and help that you leverage for in technology to achieve your goals. We're also opening the giveaway not just to US members, but also to UK residents!

To celebrate our awesome community and every one of our members, we’ve assembled one of the most epic giveaways in Tom’s Guide history. We’re talking a brand new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8.

Editor's Note: Our giveaway ends 12PM tomorrow, don't miss out!

We’re hosting a sweepstakes giveaway with some swanky gear perfect for those looking for speedy swag. The Sizzling Speed Giveaway Grand Prize features a premium unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8!

How to Enter

For your chance to win in our two back-to-back Summer Giveaways, head over to the thread in the Android Smartphone section of the forum, and type in your public profile ID into the sweepstakes widget. You can find your public profile id in the URL address of your Public Profile Page. To get there simply head to your profile, and select “See my profile”:

Great news Tom’s Guide readers: we’ve extended the giveaway for another week and increased the number of methods of entry as well! You can now enter by posting a hyper link to a comment in this thread. Copy the link from the time-stamp of your post, and post the link directly in the giveaway widget. Please see the giveaway thread (linked here) for detailed instructions on how to enter.

The Sizzling Speed Giveaway starts Tuesday, August 22nd, and will close at 12 pm EDT on Tuesday, September 12th. Good luck to everyone entering!