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Samsung's OneUI Is Coming to Galaxy S8, Note 8 After All

Editors' Note: Updated on Nov. 9 with Samsung's clarification that OneUI will release on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

If you bought into the whole “these are the phones of the future” dream with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, we got good news.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Early Friday (Nov. 9), we caught wind that contrary to previous reports, the new Android Pie-based One UI may be coming to S8 and Note 8 owners after all. Shortly after OneUI was officially presented at the Samsung Developer Conference on Wednesday, Samsung told Tom’s Guide that the its new flavor of Android Pie wasn’t coming to those phones.

Now we've received word from the phone maker confirming that OneUI is indeed arriving for the company's 2017 flagships, though those devices will miss out on the beta. That's for the S9 and Note 9 only.

It's a happy ending to a saga that seemed to bring encouraging news Friday morning, when Samsung rumor whisperer Universe Ice sung a different tune to the company's original position, claiming it came from a high priest of the South Korean empire.

“Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8 will also get One UI,” he wrote on Twitter. “The message is accurate, from a senior Samsung official,” he continued.

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Another report from SamMobile showed proof found in code that work on Pie for the Note 8 is underway, although it will likely arrive after support for the S9 and Note 9. 

Either Samsung got its messaging wrong, or the company heard the cry of anger from the masses of people who just bought those phones almost two years ago, and has decided to change the story.

After all, there’s absolutely no technical excuse to make OneUI available for the S8 or the Note 8. It’s just a god-damn skin slapped into an operating system that can run perfectly fine on a 2017 premium phone.

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