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Galaxy S8 Leaked? This May Be It

Samsung's long-rumored Galaxy S8 hasn't shown its face in public -- until, perhaps, now.

An image was published to China's Weibo this week showing what the person said, was a real Galaxy S8 in action. While that cannot be confirmed and it's possible the image is a fake, it comes with some of the features rumored to be coming to the handset, including a big, curved screen and refined design.

What's more, the image appears to show the device, which comes with a metallic finish, without a home button, seemingly confirming earlier rumors that Samsung would nix a physical home button on the front its handset and place the home button function under the glass. The area where the home button used to be has been replaced with a big Samsung logo.

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The photo, which was earlier discovered by BGR, might not be the real thing. For one, as SamMobile notes, there's no on-screen digital button that would allow you to control the software, suggesting it's either moved or the entire photo has been run through Photoshop to create a fake rendering. And since this is coming out of China with no strong proof, it should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt.

Rumors have also said that Samsung is changing its release cycle with the Galaxy S8. Instead of offering it around Mobile World Congress next month, the Galaxy S8 could make an appearance in April.

While Samsung again hasn't confirmed that, a report out of Korea on Thursday says Samsung is indeed planning an April release and will actually make the Galaxy S8 available to customers on April 18. The claim comes just a day after another report said Samsung is ramping up 10 million units for its Galaxy S8 release in April.