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Killer Deal: iPhone SE Now Just $249

Like other phone makers, Apple's focus is on bigger devices these days. But the 4-inch iPhone SE continues to have its fans, even after Apple dropped the compact phone from its lineup last fall. But if you like the feel of a 4-inch smartphone that still packs some power, you can grab one on clearance at a discounted rate — at least while iPhone supplies last.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Apple's clearance section currently includes the 32GB iPhone SE for $249. That's a $100 discount off the phone's last price. As of this writing, you have your choice of space gray, gold, silver and rose gold colors.

iPhone SEView Deal

This is actually the second time within the last week the iPhone SE has popped up on clearance. The phone briefly appeared over the weekend before selling out, so if you're mulling an iPhone SE purchase, don't hesitate.

As you might imagine for a $249 phone, you're getting a device with aging specs. The iPhone SE runs on an A9 processor that's three years behind the A12 Bionic powering today's iPhones and the lone rear camera is an adequate, though not extraordinary 12-megapixel shooter. Still, the iPhone SE can run the latest version of iOS without a sweat, and this clearance price gives you a cheap entry into Apple's iPhone ecosystem.

Philip Michaels
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