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Last-Minute Galaxy S8 Surprise Feature Revealed

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is finally being announced today (Mar. 29) in New York City, but that isn't stopping the leak train from moving.

Quite the contrary, a user manual has been published to a Samsung site, and the folks over at Phandroid were able to get access to it before Samsung put it behind a password wall. And although it mentions many of the rumored Galaxy S8 features we've been hearing about for months, like Bixby support and an Infinity Display, there's one surprise lingering in there.

A Galaxy S8 concept render based on leaks. Credit: Benjamin Geskin

(Image credit: A Galaxy S8 concept render based on leaks. Credit: Benjamin Geskin)

According to Phandroid, the Galaxy S8 will be coming with an as-yet leaked feature called Bluetooth dual audio. In the manual, Samsung writes that the feature will allow you to stream audio from your handset to up to two Bluetooth speakers at the same time. It'll also work with multiple sets of Bluetooth headsets. Whether you can stream to one Bluetooth speaker and one headset at the time is unknown.

Regardless, the feature will let you adjust the volume on either device without affecting the other.

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All of those previously leaked rumors were also in the manual Phandroid discovered. According to the manual, the Galaxy S8 will come with a curved, "Infinity Display" that will always be on. On the security side, you'll have facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition support, and yes, the virtual personal assistant Bixby will be on board.

The Galaxy S8's front-facing camera will come with a selfie-friendly auto-focus feature, according to the manual leak. Samsung's Galaxy S8 will also be water resistant and you'll be able to view multiple windows simultaneously on the screen.

Of course, it's possible the manual is fake, but at least today, we won't need to wait long: the show kicks off at 11 a.m. ET.

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