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Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Morph Into Full PC

The Galaxy S8 is shaping up to be a sleek, high-tech reinvention of Samsung's flagship phone. But what if it also doubled as your desktop PC?

A new rumor points to a possible desktop dock for Samsung's upcoming handset, as well as a slew of tantalizing new display features that would put the S8's screen on another level.

Credit: iPhone-Crash/YouTube

(Image credit: iPhone-Crash/YouTube)

According to a massive report from The Guardian, a special dock called DeX will allow you to use your S8 as a full-on Android computer with a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

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This all sounds quite similar to Microsoft's Continuum feature, which allows you to connect Windows phones such as the Lumia 950 to a dock and get a full Windows 10 experience. We first heard rumblings of a desktop-enabled Galaxy S8 earlier this month, adding even more weight to this latest report.

It's unclear whether DeX will come with the Galaxy S8 or if it will be sold separately. Given the relative scarcity of Windows smartphones, however, a dockable Galaxy S8 could strike a chord with Android enthusiasts looking to use their phone as a PC. And considering that Samsung's smartphone will be the first to have the powerful new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, it should have plenty of muscle to power a full desktop experience.

Another interesting Galaxy S8 rumor from the Guardian report is that the phone will indeed have a headphone jack, which contradicts previous rumors that Samsung was going the way of the iPhone. That could be good news for music junkies who don't want to drop their existing headphones or deal with a pesky adapter on the S8.

But the biggest potential design feature coming to the S8 is a rumored "Infinity Display," which would cover virtually the entire front panel of Samsung's new flagship. This would move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone on both the normal and plus-sized Galaxy S8 models, which are currently codenamed Dream 1 and Dream 2.

It's only a matter of months before we know whether the rumors will hold true or not — the Galaxy S8 is rumored to be revealed this April.