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Here's Our Best Look Yet at the Galaxy S8 Active

All of the talk surrounding Samsung's upcoming smartphones has centered on the Galaxy Note 8. But amid all that speculation, another upcoming Samsung smartphone has been outed.

Credit: Omoton/Courtesy of Android Headlines

(Image credit: Omoton/Courtesy of Android Headlines)

A company named Omoton has taken to Amazon to start pitching screen protectors for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 Active. And that listing shows the protector sitting above a device believed to be the rugged new phone.

Samsung reportedly has plans to release the Galaxy S8 Active this summer, featuring a hardened shell to protect the device from a fall. And while it's expected to take some design cues from the Galaxy S8, some leaks have suggested it won't be identical to its predecessor.

The smartphone in the Omoton leak is nearly identical to some of the renderings and schematics we've seen leaked in recent weeks. The device has a big screen and no physical home button, similar to the Galaxy S8. However, its display is flat rather than curved and the bezels around the screen are decidedly bigger than those in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

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The buttons on either side of the handset suggest it will come with support for Samsung's new virtual personal assistant Bixby. Pressing the button on the right, for instance, should activate the feature.

Omoton's listing, which was earlier discovered by Android Headlines, doesn't show the back of the smartphone, so it's impossible to know whether it'll come with a single- or dual-lens camera. (We're guessing a single shooter, though, as the dual-lens camera will likely be reserved for the Galaxy Note 8. It's also impossible to tell from the picture just how tough and rugged the Galaxy S8 Active will be, and whether it will protect the smartphone to the same degree as last year's Galaxy S7 Active.

Under the hood, look for the Galaxy S8 Active to come with similar specs to its predecessor, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM. It could offer 64GB of storage. On the software side, the Galaxy S8 Active is expected to run Android Nougat.

There's no word on a Galaxy S8 Active release date just yet, but look for it to land in the coming weeks.

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  • Corey_33
    I loved my S6 Active. It is so durable. I won a S6 Edge+ in a contest so my S6 active is currently retired. It is still my favorite phone.