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Galaxy S10+ Gets Sized Up in New Video

Samsung's Galaxy S10 line has quickly become the worst-kept secret in the smartphone market. And a new video showcasing a case designed for the smartphone illustrates some important points about its design.

Credit: Ice Universe

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The video was published to YouTube by reliable serial leaker Ice Universe. Over its two-and-a-half-minute run, the person is holding a case believed to be designed for the Galaxy S10+ Samsung is expected to unveil next month. The person then inserts several other smartphones to give you a sense of what its size will be in relation to what's already on store shelves.

First, the video clearly shows that Samsung is planning on a horizontal camera alignment on the back of the Galaxy S10+. According to most reports, the smartphone will ship with a total of six cameras — two on the front and four on the back. Most of those reports have also said that the rear cameras would be horizontally aligned instead of vertically aligned like the Galaxy S9+.

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When the person inserts the Galaxy S9+ into the case, it shows a surprisingly snug fit, despite the Galaxy S9+ shipping with a 6.2-inch display and the Galaxy S10+ expected to deliver a 6.4-inch screen. It would suggest, then, that Samsung has shaved down the size of the bezels around the screen, allowing for more display. It also appears that Samsung hasn't done much to significantly alter the smartphone's case design and button layout.

Moving to the Galaxy Note 9, which also ships with a 6.4-inch screen, the differences were a bit easier to spot. Chiefly, the Galaxy Note 9 wouldn't quite fit into the case, suggesting Samsung has decided to slim down the Galaxy S10+ compared to its predecessor, but still keep its screen size.

It's a similar story for the Oppo Find X, which also comes with a 6.4-inch screen, but apparently has a wider frame than the upcoming Galaxy S10+.

To be clear, the Galaxy S10+ didn't appear in the video, so there's no telling for sure that what we're seeing here is legitimate. But considering the Galaxy S10+ is nearing its launch in February and Ice Universe has been a reliable Samsung handset leaker in the past, it's a video worth checking out to get a sense of what you can expect when the handset hits store shelves.

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