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Galaxy Note 9 Could Boast Whopping 512GB of Storage

Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Note 9 that could come with a boatload of storage, according to a new report.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The tech giant will offer a version of its Galaxy Note 9 that will come with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, serial leaker Ice Universe said on Twitter over the weekend. However, Ice Universe, who has been extremely accurate with Samsung leaks in the past, added a little something that might give some folks some pause: "if you are lucky."

The "lucky" part seems to suggest that Samsung might be opting to offer the 512GB model in only select markets. It's also possible that the company offers fewer 512GB units or decides to make it available after the original run of devices is released.

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Regardless, 512GB would be a welcome sight for those who take tons of pictures and videos and need the additional storage in their smartphones without relying on a microSD card. It would also give Samsung an advantage over Apple; the iPhone X tops out at 256GB of storage.
But even the additional storage will do little to fundamentally change the Galaxy Note experience.

Also over the weekend, a video was posted to YouTube purporting to show a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 9. If the unit, which was earlier reported on by BGR, is real, it would confirm earlier rumors that have suggested Samsung will keep a design that's largely identical to the previous model. It would also come with a design nearly identical to the Galaxy S9.

Unfortunately, the screen protector suggests Samsung has opted for a physical fingerprint sensor instead of the virtual sensor we've been anticipating for years. Samsung is now reportedly planning to bring the virtual sensor to the Galaxy S10 the company will launch next year.

Samsung hasn't confirmed when it'll launch the Galaxy Note 9, but recent reports suggest the device could hit store shelves in August. Make sure you keep up to date with all of the latest Galaxy Note 9 rumors.

  • Brad_53
    I can't imagine having 1/2 TB in a phone. My 64GB base + 128GB SD card has been overkill. I guess I just don't see a need for that many photos on my phone at once. I stream most audio and video, save for plane rides but even then only a ew GB are needed to download some songs from Spotify or shows/movies from Netflix.