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These Ridiculous Ear-Baskets Catch Your Falling AirPods

If Apple's wireless AirPods didn't look silly enough already, you could add this emergency solution for them falling out: 3D-printed basket earrings. They're available to download for free on Thingiverse, you just need to print them out yourself.

The earrings are designed by 3D printer maker M3D, and while its a funny way to get their name out there, the idea is patently ridiculous. For starters, if AirPods are falling out of your ears that much, maybe you should be considering other options. And if they do fall out, they would have to fall out at such a perfect angle as to land properly in the tiny basket attached to your earlobes.

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One could argue that it's a solid way to transport the AirPods, but even that's a hard sell: the $160 headphones come with their own carrying case.

If you're that worried about losing your AirPods, a better idea is to try a number of third-party leashes floating around the market. They won't make your earbuds any more attractive, but connecting them around the back of your neck is far more conventional than plastic baskets dangling against your cheeks.