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She-Hulk: Everything we know so far

She-Hulk starring Tatiana Maslany
(Image credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty; Marvel)

She-Hulk smash! Bruce Banner's cousin is getting her own Marvel series on Disney Plus. Tatiana Maslany, the Emmy-winning star of Orphan Black, has been tapped to play Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, while Jameela Jamil was just cast as villain Titania.

She-Hulk first debuted in the Marvel comic The Savage She-Hulk #1 in February 1980. In those pages, Jennifer Walters is a lawyer who suffers a terrible injury, requiring an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner. That causes her to become a large, powerful, green-hued version of herself, just like The Hulk. However, unlike Bruce, she is able to maintain her personality and emotional control when she transforms — though she is still susceptible to outbursts of rage. 

She-Hulk joins a long lineup of Marvel shows on Disney Plus, which began with WandaVision and will continue through series like Secret Invasion, Armor Wars and an untitled Wakanda series. 

Here's everything we know so far about She-Hulk. 

She-Hulk release date window

Disney Plus has not set a release date for She-Hulk, but the streamer has said it will debut sometime in 2022.

She-Hulk will consist of 10 half-hour episodes. The show was created by Jessica Gao and episodes will be directed by Kat Coiro and Anu Valia.

She-Hulk cast

The cast of She-Hulk is led by Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who gains the ability to transform into the titular green hero. 

She is joined by Mark Ruffalo, who is reprising his role as Bruce Banner / The Hulk. He is Jennifer's cousin.

Tim Roth is on board as Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination, a Russian-born former officer in the United Kingdom's Royal Marines Commandos. Blonsky combined super soldier serum and gamma radiation to transform into a humanoid monster more powerful than the Hulk.

Ginger Gonzaga is playing Walters' best friend, while Renée Elise Goldsberry is Amelia (her relationship to the central character is unknown).

Jameela Jamil is also joining the She-Hulk cast as Titania, a rival of She-Hulk with incredible strength. Titania was introduced in Secret Wars No. 3 in 1984. Born Mary MacPherran, she gains super strength after being taken to an alien planet. 

She-Hulk: MCU Phase 4 tie-ins

She-Hulk is part of MCU Phase 4, which also includes the following movies and Disney Plus shows:

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has previously said that She-Hulk is a series that could get multiple seasons. 

While discussing She-Hulk and Moon Knight with TV reporters, he said, "Some of the shows that I mentioned that we were about to start filming, we are keeping in mind a structure that would lead into a Season 2, a Season 3, in a more direct way than, say, a show like, like ‘WandaVision,’ which clearly goes into into a feature."

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