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Giffgaff UK's £35 unlimited data plan is your perfect 5G entry point

giffgaff unlimited data
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It seems like 5G is everywhere these days, especially if you’re only talking about the big networks. But even now, 18 months after EE launched the UK’s first 5G network, there are still networks trundling along with 4G. Fortunately giffgaff is no longer one of them.

giffgaff has just launched its first 5G ready goodybag, and it just so happens that this one also comes with unlimited data. And it can be yours for £35 a month.

giffgaff is owned by Telefonica, the same company behind O2, and uses the same network infrastructure as its sister company. In other words if you’re within range of O2’s 5G network, you’ll have 5G with giffgaff as well.

5G-ready goodybag w/unlimited data: £35 a month @ giffgaff
Just in time for the release of the iPhone 12, giffgaff has launched its first 5G-ready goodybag. So provided you have a 5G phone and have 5G coverage, you can enjoy faster speeds and lower latency. And unlike the “always on” packages, there are no limits on your usage.View Deal

You also get unlimited calls and texts, plus the freedom to cancel or change your plan at any time. So while giffgaff’s unlimited goodybag is more expensive than some networks charge, you’re not locked in for one to two years. It’s also still cheaper than some networks try to charge.

Of course giffgaff still offers what it calls “Always On data” as part of the £25 goodybag, that wasn’t unlimited. That plan gives you 80GB of full speed data, after which your speeds were throttled to 384 kbps between 8 a.m. and midnight. While you can still browse (slowly), and check emails etc, it’s not fast enough to do much else of note. The unlimited plan has no such restrictions.

All you have to do is abide by the fair usage policy, which tells you not to tether to more than 11 devices at a time, and not use “unreasonable amounts of data”. The small print mentions using more than 650GB a month more than twice in a six month period, but notes that infractions aren’t limited to this. Honestly, they’re not particularly unreasonable terms, so don’t try and exploit them because you’ll just spoilt it for everyone.

The sale page doesn’t seem to include the unlimited goodybag right now, but don’t fret because it will turn up eventually.

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