This Xbox Series X Memorial Day bundle is now sold out

Xbox Series X restock
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Update: This Xbox Series X bundle is now sold out. Check our Xbox Series X restock hub for the latest stock information and updates. 

Memorial Day sales are mostly finished now that the day itself is over. However, one of the few retailers which restocked Microsoft's flagship gaming console to mark the occasion still has the Xbox Series X available for order.

Right now you can get this Xbox Series X bundle for $789 at Costco. The substantial bundle includes the Xbox Series X, 3 months subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a copy of MLB The Show 21, and a 1TB Seagate Expansion Card. 

Xbox Series X bundle: $789 @ Costco

Xbox Series X bundle: $789 @ Costco
For Costco members only, the retailer has Xbox Series X restock available for $789. It includes MLB The Show 21, Seagate Expansion Card, and 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

The biggest catch here is that you do need to be a Costco member in order to purchase this bundle. Costco’s annual $120 membership fee does give you a range of benefits, but it’s probably not worth picking up solely for this bundle. However, if you’re already a member or have plans to use the membership regularly in the future then the ability to purchase this bundle is a great perk. 

Of course, you might be put off by the $789 price tag for the bundle but it’s worth noting that this package doesn’t come with a markup and all the items are being offered at their usual price. Unlike some egregious PS5 bundles we’ve seen in the past, that were basically just scalping under the banner of a legitimate retailer. 

The inclusion of a physical copy of MLB The Show 21 does feel a little bit pointless, however, as the game is available on Xbox Game Pass already. Of course, with a boxed copy you’ll own the game forever rather than lose access when if/when your Xbox Game Pass subscription runs out. 

The 1TB Seagate Expansion Card is the item that really inflates the price of the bundle, as it sells for $219 as standard. However, this expanded storage device doubles your console’s hard drive space which is extremely useful as current-gen games can often require up to 100GB of space, so you’d be shocked how quickly you’ll fill up the internal SSD. 

As for the Xbox Series X itself, we were extremely impressed with the console in our original review. We awarded the machine an editor’s choice award and said, “The Xbox Series X is the pinnacle of Microsoft's gaming efforts, blending the promise of powerful next-generation performance with superfast loading times and a huge library of games spanning multiple Xbox generations.” 

This Costco bundle definitely isn’t the cheap way to pick up Microsoft’s flagship console, but considering the current state of Xbox Series X restock it’s definitely worth considering if you have the financial means and like the look of the extras. 

If just want the console standalone then make sure to bookmark our Xbox Series X restock hub, which has the latest stock information as we get it.

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