PS5 restock at Amazon sold out: How to get yours when it comes back

ps5 restock
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For a brief moment, PS5 restock returned to Amazon Wednesday morning. However, just as quickly as it arrived, it also sold out. PS5 restocks at Amazon are notorious for lasting seconds and Wednesday's restock was no different. 

Amazon had the PS5 for $499 and the PS5 Digital for $399 , but both consoles left gamers yearning for more inventory — a problem that's all too common these day. The goods news is that Amazon could release more inventory throughout the day. The retailer isn't one to announce restocks, so you have nothing to lose by checking Amazon's PS5 pages throughout the day. 

PS5 restock at Amazon

PS5: $499 @ Amazon

PS5: $499 @ Amazon
Amazon had PS5 restock this morning. Check back often should inventory reappear. 

PS5 Digital: $399 @ Amazon

PS5 Digital: $399 @ Amazon
Amazon had PS5 Digital restock this morning. Check back often should inventory reappear. 

What if you miss Amazon's PS5 restock

If you missed Amazon's PS5 restock, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. It's been days since we've seen restocks at Sony Direct, Walmart, and Target. That means these retailers are likely to have PS5 inventory in the coming days. You can check current inventory via the links below.  

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