How to watch The Godfather movies online

Marlon Brando as Don Corleone in The Godfather
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Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and The Godfather movies closest of all. The iconic film trilogy is streaming now on Paramount Plus alongside The Offer, the limited series chronicling the making of 1972's The Godfather.

The Godfather movies chronicle the fictional Italian American Corleone family, whose patriarch Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) rises to become a mafia boss. His youngest son, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) follows his footsteps, at first reluctantly but becomes as cold and ruthless as his father.

The three films (released in 1972, 1974, and 1990) were inspired by the 1969 novel by Mario Puzo and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The Godfather and Godfather Part II are considered two of the greatest movies and influential movies of all time. They revitalized Brando's career and made stars out of Pacino, Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro.

Check out The Godfather's 50th anniversary trailer below:

How to watch The Godfather movies anywhere, with a VPN

Just because Paramount Plus isn't available everywhere doesn't mean you can't watch The Godfather movies. Watching along with the rest of the internet can be pretty easy. With the right VPN (virtual private network), you can stream the films from wherever you go.

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ExpressVPN (opens in new tab)

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How to watch The Godfather movies in the US

In the U.S., The Godfather movies are streaming on Paramount Plus (opens in new tab).

The service has the remastered versions of The Godfather, The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part III.

Paramount Plus (opens in new tab)

Paramount Plus (opens in new tab) boasts a big library of content from the deep ViacomCBS vault, new CBS shows and its own originals. Get access to Survivor and Big Brother episodes, as well as Star Trek: Picard and 1883. Check out the service with a seven-day free trial (opens in new tab).

How to watch The Godfather movies in Canada

Good news for those in the Great White North — Paramount Plus (opens in new tab) is available in Canada. So, you can watch all three The Godfather movies starting April 28.

How to watch The Godfather movies in the UK

Unfortunately, Paramount Plus is not available in the UK yet. But all is not lost!

The Godfather movies are available with Sky Cinema and the NOW streaming service, which you can get with a Sky TV package (opens in new tab) (starting at just £25 per month). 

Anyone who wants to watch The Godfather movies with the services they already pay for should check out ExpressVPN (opens in new tab).

How to watch The Godfather movies in Australia

Paramount Plus (opens in new tab) is also available Down Under, so Aussies can tune into The Godfather movies starting April 28.

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