Google Pixel Watch — 5 biggest rumors so far

Google Pixel Watch leak
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What a week for Pixel Watch leaks. It seems like the not-so-rumored Google Pixel Watch is making news daily, from uncovered regulatory documents to real-life photos posted of an alleged prototype and more.

At this point, there’s no question Google is preparing its first Pixel-branded smartwatch. Although the company has not officially named or announced the Pixel Watch, last year’s completed Fitbit acquisition and Wear OS revamp better positioned Google to debut an in-house wearable.

Pixel smartphone users have not had a dedicated smartwatch the way iPhone users have the Apple Watch and Galaxy users have the Galaxy Watch. But if all the cards align, the Pixel Watch could become the best smartwatch for Android… coming from the Android company itself no less.

Based on the influx of Pixel Watch rumors and leaks, an announcement during Google I/O 2022 appears possible. So yes, after sharing its Wear OS software with third-party companies for years, we could be just a few weeks away from seeing Google’s own smartwatch. Here are the top rumors you’ll want to know before then.

1. Alleged Pixel Watch prototype found at restaurant

The most compelling Google Pixel Watch rumor of the week came from a person who discovered a Pixel Watch prototype left at a restaurant table. The person shared images of the device from every angle with Android Central, even including one picture of Google’s ‘G’ logo illuminated on the screen. 

Pixel Watch prototype

(Image credit: Android Central)

In a later Reddit AMA, the person shared images of the watch on their wrist but said without a charger, the device won’t power on. Much of what we’ve heard about the Pixel Watch (or have seen, thanks to renders shared by Jon Prosser and Ian Zelbo last year) checks out in these images. It apparently features a round, edgeless display and two additional buttons hidden away on the metal band underneath a rotating crown.  

Though it’s difficult to believe someone would’ve abandoned an unannounced device, it’s happened before. That’s not to say we’re entirely convinced this is the final Pixel Watch — it could very well be an earlier prototype. 

2. Multiple Pixel Watch models incoming?

Another interesting Pixel Watch discovery suggests Google is launching multiple versions of the smartwatch. At first, a tipster said Google is planning a Pixel Watch Fit, or a sportier version of the Pixel Watch. But a newer Bluetooth certification reveals up to three different Google smartwatches could be on the way.

Google’s wearable received approval from the Bluetooth Special Interest group (SIG) in a listing which confirms three separate model numbers — GWT9R, GBZ4S, and GQF4C. While this could indicate three different variants, it could also apply to a singular model with different configurations, such as sizes, materials or LTE support.

Still, we could be convinced of a Pixel Watch Fit. Samsung used to position the Galaxy Watch Active as a slimmer, simpler version of the Galaxy Watch, for example. 

Pixel Watch price and availability rumors 

Much about the Pixel Watch price and availability has been pure speculation so far. Leaker Yogesh Brar on Twitter made some Pixel Watch claims via “a relatively new source." Brar posted that the Pixel Watch may only be available as a limited release, which could mean a number of things. A limited release might imply an announcement followed by a later release date, limited device quantities, no plans for annual refreshes or something else entirely.

Brar also said the Pixel Watch will cost between $300 and $400. That’s slightly more promising than a previous rumor, which claimed the Pixel Watch is arriving with a $400 price tag. The same leak says the Google smartwatch will come in two sizes and at least four watch band options, too.

To compare it to the best smartwatches, the Apple Watch 7 starts at $399 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 starts at $249.

4. It’ll borrow Galaxy Watch 4 features…

Speaking of the Galaxy Watch 4, the above price and availability rumor also claimed the Pixel Watch is getting several of Samsung’s smartwatch features. The Galaxy Watch 4 is the first (and only) smartwatch on the market running Wear OS 3, or a unified version of Samsung’s Tizen platform and Wear OS.

If this rumor is accurate, the Pixel Watch could borrow Samsung’s 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor found in the Galaxy Watch 4. The sensor supports heart rate monitoring (PPG), an ECG sensor and bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) to analyze body composition.

Though it might not be the best Samsung smartwatch, it would be smart for the Pixel Watch to work with Galaxy phones. As such, we could see some Samsung programs available to download in addition to Google’s suite of services (Google Maps, Google Assistant, ect.) 

5. ...and Fitbit features, too

The Pixel Watch could also benefit from Google’s Fitbit acquisition, which became official in January 2021. At last year’s Google I/O, Google said a future Fitbit smartwatch would run Wear OS, but did not mention a Pixel Watch with Fitbit software.

We saw late last year how the Google Pixel Watch would look with Fitbit features inside, plus speculated the Google Pixel Watch could blow away the Galaxy Watch 4 with Fitbit health tracking. But a newer render suggests Pixel Watch will offer or at least support Fitbit.

Leaker Evan Blass, writing for 91Mobiles, shared a render of a rather basic watch face. In addition to the time date and other complications, the Fitbit logo sits unmistakable in the middle of the display. It’s possible Blass made an assumption while designing the render, but it’s also possible that it’s a recreation of a real Pixel Watch interface Blass saw. 

Either way, it might not be long now until we know how many of these rumors prove true. If Google doesn't fully announce the Pixel Watch at Google I/O on May 11, it could at least tease a fall launch to build anticipation. This is the company that put the Google Pixel 6 in a display case a month before making an official announcement, after all.

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