Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro colors — here’s all the leaked options

Google Pixel 8 Pro photo showing cameras
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UPDATE: The Google Pixel 8 launches today. Follow our Google Pixel 8 event live blog for the latest news.

The Google Pixel 8 leaks just keep right on coming. This week, leaked marketing images from WinFuture along with renders from noted tipster Evan Blass and MySmartPrice gave us our most comprehensive look yet at what color options we'll see with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

The WinFuture images showcase four colors for the Pixel 8: peach, gray, white/beige and black. Meanwhile, the Pixel 8 Pro will reportedly come in white/beige, blue and black colorways. The renders mirror these colors for the most part, though there's no sign of the white/beige Pixel 8 option. 

Between all the leaks, there are few surprises left for when Google officially unveils the Pixel 8 series at its Made by Google event on October 4. In the meantime, you can read about everything we’re expecting with the next-gen Pixel lineup here.

Pixel 8 leaked color options

All rumored colors for the Google Pixel 8

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

According to MySmartPrice, the Pixel 8 will come in three colors: Peony, Grey and Obsidian Black. The white/beige color option shared in WinFuture's report is noticeably absent from the lineup of renders, so whether it will remain exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro remains to be seen. 

With the Pixel 7a, Google launched a fourth exclusive color option: a vibrant orangey-pink hue called Coral. So far, there’s no sign Google has plans to repeat this with the Pixel 8 series. And previous rumors of a green Jade option for the vanilla Pixel 8 haven't panned out. 

An official-looking case leak suggests that at least 5 colorful case options will be on the way for Pixel 8. That includes Coral, Rose (pink), Charcoal (black), Hazel (gray) and Mint (green.

Pixel 8 Pro leaked color options

All rumored colors for the Google Pixel 8 Pro

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/WinFuture)

Moving on to the Pixel 8 Pro, MySmartPrice has its colorways listed as Sky Blue, Porcelain and Obsidian Black. None of these color options are unexpected per se, but the naming conventions feel a bit uninspired compared to Google's past lineups. 

The Pixel 8 series is expected to get a slew of upgrades, including brighter "Actua" displays and a Video Unblur feature. Rumor has it the Pixel 8 Pro will also pack a new temperature sensor to check to see if you're running a fever, whether your coffee's still scalding or if your laptop is getting too hot. 

Pricing information remains up in the air, but if Google takes a page from Apple, it's likely the Pixel 8 will get a price increase, up to $699 instead of $599 like last year's phone, along with the Pixel 8 Pro. We’ll find out more on October 4 when Google unveils its new phones alongside the Pixel Watch 2

If you're interested in an official Google Pixel 8 Pro case, a leak suggests that there may be five options to choose from. They include Bay (blue), Charcoal (black), Mint (green), Porcelain (white/cream) and Coral.

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