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Get these amazing Kindle Prime Day deals while you still can

Amazon Kindles on sale for Prime Day
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It's a good day for bookworms. Right now, these Prime Day deals make Amazon's e-readers (and tablets) more affordable, including a new all-time-low price for our favorite Kindle. But that's not all. Fire HD tablets of every size are on sale, too, making this a great time to pull the trigger on virtually any new Amazon device. 

For example, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is just $79.99 . That's $50 off the regular $129 price — and the lowest price we've seen for this Kindle. So not only is it cheaper than the standard issue-Kindle, but the Kindle Kids Edition is also on sale for a better price than the basic Kindle, too!

On the lookout for an Amazon tablet instead? The excellent Fire HD 10 is discounted to $79 as well. From Netflix to Spotify to Audible to Zoom, there's an awful lot you can do with this zippy little device.  

For casual TV watching and music listening, the Fire HD 8's screen and speakers prove it to be a solid device for all the basics, and its USB-C port means you can charge it with the same cable your new laptop uses. Still, considering the HD 8’s epic battery life, you won’t need to refuel it often. This goes double for the Fire HD 10, which sports a larger screen (and similar specs).

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With its sleek metallic design, clicky buttons and new customizable page hues, the Amazon Kindle Oasis offers more than your average e-reader. The Oasis also includes the ability to listen to audiobooks from Audible (another Amazon-owned outlet). This device's lack of an internal speaker or headphone jack, however, means you can only listen over Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

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As we noted in our Kindle Paperwhite review, its backlighting is strong and even, and its screen is just as sharp — at 300ppi — as the super-pricey Kindle Oasis. It's also got Bluetooth for connecting to speakers and headphones, so you can listen to Audible audiobooks. 

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If your kid is already comfortable using your tablet, get them their own with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, which comes in a handy kid-proof case.

Younger readers will also love the Kindle Kids Edition. Its colorful case designs are a great touch, but that's only part of the upgrade you get for they money. A year of Amazon Kids+ (formerly FreeTime Unlimited) plus a two-year worry-free warranty make this device an easy buy for mindful parents. It's also got one extra trick: simplifying the Kindle experience to focus on actually reading.

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Prime Day deals aren't over just yet, so bookmark Tom's Guide to stay on top of all the best stuff on sale.

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