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Tom's Guide CES 2022 Awards: How to enter your product

CES 2022 Awards
(Image credit: CES)

The editors of Tom’s Guide are inviting submissions for their CES 2022 Awards.

The winners are groundbreaking gadgets that are innovating in design, performance and the user experience in multiple categories.


These picks will be our favorites in the following categories (which may change slightly between now and the end of the show):

  • Best of Show 
  • Best Design
  • Best Startup
  • Best Smartphone
  • Best TV 
  • Best Laptop 
  • Best Tablet 
  • Best Mini PC 
  • Best Gaming Peripheral 
  • Best Gaming Desktop 
  • Best Gaming Laptop
  • Best Appliance 
  • Best Smart Home Device 
  • Best VR/AR
  • Best Fitness Tech 
  • Best Health Tech 
  • Best Audio/Headphones
  • Best Monitor
  • Best Router 
  • Best Car Tech 
  • Best Rideable 


Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST on Dec. 20 and the award winners will be announced during the show. To submit a product for consideration, please email with the following information:

Product Name
Product Image
Short description
When the product will be announced/release date
Contact Information

Only products that are announced or debut at CES 2022 will be considered. 

We are happy to sign and keep embargoes. If you have any questions, please email

In addition to online submissions, Tom's Guide is scouring the virtual show floor for new and interesting products, which will also be added to our list of nominees. 

Tom’s Guide’s complete CES 2022 coverage will appear at including the list of winners.

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